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With the variety of services and spaces offered at Centerco, we get the opportunity to watch businesses grow. Tina Seidel, the owner of Trellis Bookkeeping Solutions, is a community member that started at Centerco with a virtual office. Tina recently took the next step to grow her business by moving into an office space here. Now that her walls are freshly painted and she has settled in, we wanted to catch up with her and see how the move has helped her business.

This year has been a big year for your business – rebranding, winning an award, expanding and taking on new clients. Tell us about your first year.

It was a series of ups and downs along with some disappointments. However, as a new business owner this should have been expected and I learned every step of the way. I feel that I’m on the right track now and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

You recently expanded offices here at Centerco. Can you talk a little bit about what it means to you as an entrepreneur to have the support to grow your business slowly and affordably along with which services/amenities you appreciate most?

When the window office right off the lobby with a CLOSET opened up, I knew I had to take it. Strategically, I wanted more space to hold larger meetings in my office as well as space to eventually hire a part-time employee. My current office gives me this choice without changing my address! I love that Trica (a Centerco office administrator) can assist me when necessary. I ask for her help several times a month for a variety of tasks. She does them all accurately and frees up my time for other issues.

Can you talk about the community here at Centerco and what that has meant for your business?

I love that Centerco offers that feel of an office even though I am a sole-preneur. Working from home can be very boring and lonely. Centerco remedies that! I often shut my door to keep me IN, the other business folks in the building are so friendly I wish I had a whole day to hang out in the lunch room and talk to everyone! That would feel like a Saturday.

Why did you choose to grow your business at Centerco?

Centerco is close to home, has convenient parking and offers me all the business amenities that my business needed!

You serve other entrepreneurs. What services do you provide? Trellis bookkeeping

I help small business owners make the best decisions by providing timely, accurate financial information on a quarterly or monthly basis. I create a seamless, virtual bookkeeping process that includes internal controls and enables a business owner to their time doing something other than worrying about their books.

If you have one piece of advice for someone considering going into business for themselves, what would it be?

Hire a Good Bookkeeper! P.S. I know one!

Trellis Bookkeeping Solutions Grows at Centerco
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