About Us

As small business owners ourselves, we wanted to use our talents as property managers and real estate investors to create a place where other small businesses can thrive. Once we found the building that would later be Centerco Office Suites, we knew we could make a difference in our area. The key to small business growth is relationships, which is why we are so passionate about fostering a shared office space community of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Centerco Office Suites is a family owned & operated business here to provide solutions for your growing business.

Our Mission

Centerco Office Suites is working to support entrepreneurs and small businesses in the St. Louis region by:

  • Fostering an environment of collaboration and creativity
  • Providing access to the resources and tools small business owners need to succeed
  • Encouraging our clients to support and promote each others’ businesses through collaborative partnership.

What's with that handshake? Centerco Office Suites How We Do It

Spaces to Grow Centerco offers spaces for individuals and organizations to work, collaborate, and build relationships with office suites, and conference space, centrally located in Creve Coeur, in West St. Louis County.

Culture of Collaboration Through regular events and a space that encourages conversation and creativity, Centerco hopes to stimulate and support big ideas.

Tools for Success Centerco works with tenants, sponsors and community partners to provide small business owners and start-ups with everything they need to start and grow a successful business. From professional services to low-cost office supplies, Centerco has gone the extra mile to advocate for clients so that they may remain focused on moving their business forward.

Mutual Growth Through monthly brainstorming and networking sessions with physica and virtual tenants, we encourage our clients to find ways to work together. Whenever possible, we work with those tenants to offer discounted professional services and work to establish discounts from business-to-business within our network.